Out building Demolition

The shed to be needing demolition
Demolition Services, Atkinson NH

This was a large shed that had an electrical fire and was demoed and replaced with a new one.

Demolition site

Demolition debris from the shed fire.
Demolition Services, Atkinson NH

 Demo site in the process of being cleaned up.   

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Demolition site cleaned and ready for a new building

Demolition site is completed and ready for the new shed
Demolition Services, Atkinson NH

 This pad is ready for a new building. demolition excavating contractor building demolition Atkinson

Pad is ready and Stump will be ground down

Pad is ready for the New Shed
Stump will be removed
Demolition Services, Atkinson NH

This trees were cut down as they were burned badly and could not be saved. Now I'll bring in my stump grinder to grind down the stumps.

New shed is in place and completed

New shed is in place, building has been wired and stained as well as shrubs have been planted.

Stump has been ground down, Loam has been spread and shrubs have been planted. 

Backside of the building showing double door access

The site work is complete and this is the back side showing good access with the double doors

Loam was spread and ramp was installed now the job is complete. Customer very happy!