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Excavation: Filled in Pool that has been recovered back to its original state

Excavation: Pool Recovery, filled in by the original owners. 
Pool Digging, Atkinson NH


 This Pool had been filled in by the previous owners, so the new owners hired me to excavate to pool to restore it to its original beauty. As you can see it came of great! 

Pool Excavation

pool excavation of a filled in pool
Pool Digging, Atkinson NH

excavating out a filled pool, pool digging, pool excavation excavating contractor, Atkinson

Excavating a round hole, 3' deep for a sunken swimming pool to be installed.

3' deep x 24' dia excavation to install a sunken pet pool.
Pool Digging Services, Atkinson NH

Pet owners will bring their pets here to do rehab from injuries or surgeries. Having them in the pool is great for low impact therapy.

Pool Digging

Pool excavation recovery
Pool Digging Services, Atkinson NH

About 100 yards of material was excavated out for this pool